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Father DMW Net Worth 2020, Biography, And Career



father dmw
Real NameBashir Muhammadu Abdulai
OccupationComedian, Artiste
SpouseNot yet married
ParentsMr. and Mrs. Bashir
Net Worth$100,000
Last Updated2020
Father DMW Bio-data

Father DMW whose real name happens to be Bashir Muhammadu Abdulai is a Nigerian artiste, comedian, and a social media influencer who came into the limelight after he was helped and signed into the DMW record label. There are quite a lot of things you don’t or might not have known about the sensational social media comedian such as Father DMW’s net worth, biography, career, story, and many more. In this article, I will reveal to you all you need to know about Father DMW.

Father DMW Biography

Father DMW was born in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria into a lower-class household in the Northern part of the country. He spent his childhood in Maiduguri where he had studied both his primary and secondary education and later had to move down to Lagos so as to escape the Boko Haram attack which was killing a lot of people in the state and as well, to pursue his dreams. Father DMW also in a report, made it known that he had come to Lagos in order to secure a good future and become successful and go back to meet his people in the Gwoza Local Government Area of Borno State where he was raised, to be celebrated. Father DMW is currently attending the Adeleke University in Osun State under the courtesy of Davido and we will be talking more about this later in this post.

Father DMW Career

Father DMW was working as a bike man when he arrived in Lagos. The refugee, who flee away from his fatherland to Lagos to achieve his goals in life, met Davido for the first time when he was sent on an errand by the DMW boss. Father DMW after delivering Davido’s errand told Davido about what happened to him and how he got to Lagos disguised as a Lady in order to escape the Boko Haram attack. He requested from Davido to buy him a motorcycle as he was working as a bike-man then on a delivery based deal and didn’t have his own motorcycle.

Davido granted Father DMW’s request and bought him a new bike which he then used to continue his hustle in Lagos. After some days, Davido employed Father DMW to work as his gateman and along the line, Father DMW who already has a talent in comedy, started his career as a comedian and a music artiste. At this point in time, he told Davido he will like to continue his education by attending a tertiary institution and Davido from his kindness granted his request and made him enroll at the Adeleke University, owned by Adedeji Adeleke who happens to be Davido’s father.

While attending the University, Father DMW started his major career in the entertainment industry as a comedian which he is now widely known for both within and outside the country.

Father DMW has come into the limelight after the Instagram live video chat he had recently been having with the sensational Ugandan model, Eva Apio. The live video chat emerging as the most-streamed live chat on Instagram with over 45,000 views. This has really helped boost the popularity and social awareness of Father DMW.

Father DMW Family Life

Father DMW is currently not yet married or engaged but has been seen to reveal his love for Eva Apio during the live video chat. A lot of people have disclaimed the love confession to be just a joke although, as per our research, Father DMW has special feelings for the storm models’ model, Eva Apio.

Father DMW Awards

Father DMW as of now, hasn’t won any awards in the Nigerian entertainment industry but we will get you updated as soon as he wins any.

Father DMW Net Worth 2020

father dmw net worth
Father DMW Net Worth

As of 2020, Father DMW’s net worth is estimated to be $100,000 which he made from his YouTube channel as a comedian, ambassadorial deals he gets as a social influencer, and as a member of the DMW record label.


Father DMW happens to be one of the most fast-growing and popular comedian and social media personality and influencer, in the Nigerian entertainment industry and have a very promising future at the DMW record label.

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Since you’ve been able to know Father DMW’s net worth, biography, and many other things, share your thoughts about them in the comments section below.

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