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Jeiel Damina Net Worth, Biography, And Career

Jeiel Damina also popularly known as Olive, is a Nigerian music artist, singer, and dancer.

She is best known for her appearance in the popular web series, “Best Friend in The World”, alongside, Lyta, Emmanuel Esiet, and many others.

There are quite a lot of things you might not have known about Jeiel Damina such as Jeiel’s net worth, biography, and career.

All these, we will be discussing in this post alongside many other amazing facts.

Full NameJeiel Damina
Date Of BirthSeptember 4, 2002
OccupationActress, Music Artist, Writer
ParentsMr. And Mrs. Damina
SiblingsJesimiel, Jemima
Net Worth$50,000
Jeiel Damina’s Bio-data

Jeiel Damina Biography

Jeiel Damina was born on September 4, 2002, in Kaduna, Nigeria. Jeiel was born into a family of three, emerging as the 3rd child of the family.

She was born into a family of christian believers and she was guided though the way of the Lord.

She spent her childhood and grew up in her hometown where had completed both her primary and secondary education.

Although Jeiel Damina has also completed her tertiary education, the University she attended is yet to be known and we will get you updated as soon as we have any information related to that.

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Jeiel Damina Career

Jeiel Damina debuted her acting career at a very young age of 8. She grew up working not just in the acting industry but also as a music artist and a passionate writer.

Apart from writing novels, poetry, and short stories, Jeiel Damina also has a blog, Jeiel’s world, where she shares her view about various topics of life.

Jeiel Damina is one of the co-founders of the Neptune3Studios. The brand is one which was started long ago even before Jeiel Damina got so popular.

She played the role of a lead actress in one of their popular web series, “Best Friends in The World”, and showed up with the stage name, Olive.

This movie is one that has brought Jeiel Damina into the limelight and made her win the heart of a huge number of humble followers.

Apart from acting, Jeiel Damina is also a very talented singer and here are some of the songs she has debuted in the past.

  • What Best Friends Do.
  • The Final Word.
  • This Is Forever.
  • Like Lightning.
  • Like a Girl.
  • Come Home.
  • The Only Way.
  • Story.
  • and many others.

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Jeiel Damina Net Worth

Jeiel Damina Net Worth
Jeiel Damina Net Worth

As of 2020, Jeiel Damina’s Net Worth is estimated to be $50,000 which she made from her career as an actor, singer, and author.

Jeiel Damina Family Life

Jeiel Damina is yet to get married and we don’t think she is going to anytime soon, as regards to her age.

Moreover, even her two elder sisters who are much older than her are yet to get married.

Jeiel Damina’s father, Abel Damina, is a well-renowned Nigerian pastor and the senior Pastor at the Power City International Church, Uyo, Akwa Ibom.

While her mother, Rachel Damina, is a Pastor Mrs. and the CEO of the Kingdom Life Network TV.

From what Jeiel shares on her social media handle, it is very clear that her father really loves and cares for her, and other members of their family.

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Jeiel Damina is indeed one of the best young actresses to look out for in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Apart from being an entertainer, she’s also a creative writer which makes her worthy to be a great icon both within her peers and other members of the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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